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2,310 with 210 new market proven colors covering a broad range of shades in every color family.

Pantone's Cotton Swatch Library is composed of seven durable volumes.


The Cotton Swatch Library is an indispensible, top-of-the-line color tool for designers, VPs, senior colorists and creatives of every stripe.

It's the only color tool that provides inspirational and relevant colors that are consistently achievable and supported worldwide.

With Pantone's Fashion, Home + Interior Color System, your designs are always on trend, on time and on spec.


Rely on Pantone's 50 years of color industry expertise to improve your color management process from inspiration to product realization.



2,310 with 210 new colors market-ready, technically achievable colors for inspiration, selection and accurate color communication for all fashion, textile, soft goods and interior design.

• Seven color-coded binders organized by color families hold convenient two-page swatch folders.

• Cotton swatches are arranged by color family with each swatch fitting into its own numbered pocket

• Includes blank folders, for palette creation and presentation

• 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm) fabric swatches are numerically referenced and named in English

• Includes COLOR MANAGER Software download enabling digital design with all PANTONE Color libraries

Perfect for...• Design Studios • Resource Rooms • Corporate Accounts • Large Brand Accounts

• Ringbinder volume seven contains the 210 new colors in a chromatc arrangement.

PANTONE Fashion & Home Cotton Swatch Library + 210 new colors

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