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Pantone เล่มแบบพกพา แถบสีผลิตจากผ้า Cotton แท้ 100% 
ระบบสีรุ่นใหม่ 2,310 สี มีครบทุกสี 

When you need color on the go, the Cotton Passport lets you take all 2,310 PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors, including 210 New Colors  PANTONE Number (with a TCX suffix) for easy color location and communication.

  • Includes 210 New Colors
  • Chromatic arrangement makes color easy to find
  • Accordion-style layout allows you to view all 2,310 chromatically arranged colors at a glance
  • Permanently affixed 100% cotton chips are numerically referenced by PANTONE Number
  • Single-Color Separation Mask enhances color viewing
  • Textured folio cover makes for easy portability
  • Includes PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software download, enabling digital design with all PANTONE Color libraries

PANTONE Fashion & Home Cotton Passport + 210 new colors

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