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MIX Magazine is a leading trend magazine that uncovers new trends in design and architecture. Full of ideas, inspiration and great photographs this publication is an essential magazine for keeping up with the latest news. All trends are using NCS Notations which makes it easier to find and apply the colours. 

The new MIX Magazine is a source of accurate colour, trend and material forecasting information used as a reference by the design sector. Published four times a year, this magazine brings new trend updates in design, colour, materials, products and architecture. It includes interviews with some of the most prominent designers and industry professionals. The colour trend forecasts are one year ahead of the season while all other information is forward focussed, making MIX a leading trend publication. New trends are presented both one and two years ahead, and three main sections include the favourite features from the previous publications. Also available as digital version. 

MIX Magazine is targeted at interior designers, product and graphic designers, architects, retailers, buyers, specifiers, colourists/paint companies, educational institutions, manufacturers, flooring, wall coverings, surfaces, textiles, materials, technology, fashion experts and automotive. 


  • Key colour palettes:Printed in a higher quality to ensure the most precise colour matching available, with references to the closest NCS, Pantone, RAL, CMYK, RGB, CNCS and Lab 
  • Two colour and material trend stories,two years ahead of the season 
  • Unique imagery: A new and refreshed look with images that visualise the story behind each trend giving a variety of inspiration for a wide range of industries. 
  • Colour proportions:Micro palettes that explore colour combinations to specific market sectors. To help you understand the versatility and relationship of the colours to one another and the possible applications within your design. 
  • Colour Nuances:Showcasing important changes to the global palette for European, North American and Chinese markets. To help you understand the differences in consumer preferences in different regions. 
  • Colour Overview: The colour palette for the season allowing you to observe key colour groups that are emerging for the future. 
  •  Observations in colour: Key developments within colour trends, rationalising the palette and providing reasoning behind particular colour groups.
  • Retroflow: Compares past and present seasonal palettes to help identify colour shifts and how areas are evolving. 

Issue frequency: 4 issues per year 
Months of publication: 03/06/08/12 
Language: English

Layout: 138 pages

MIX No.50

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