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งานกราฟิก จากบริษัท Graphiccollection เล่มเล็กน่ารักๆ สไตล์ดอกไม้ เล็ก 
ใช้ได้สำหรับ Fashion, furnishing fabrics, clothing and packaging

Graphicollection Minipattern Vol. 1 contains 143 graphic proposals with little floral designs to be used in fashion, furnishing fabrics, clothing and packaging, in short, for any graphic or creative application. 

All designs in this book are ready for production and are free to use.
The colourful presentation causes a romantic “Country Style”. 


  • Full coloured
  • Graphics and All-Over-Prints
  • DVD with 143 vector-files

Hardcover, 21 x 15 cm, 112 pages
Country of origin: Italy, Language: English

Graphicollection Minipattern Vol. 1

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